22 January 2011 My partner and I hardly ever miss a Sinfonia event, and we always enjoy them, but last night’s performances were outstanding.

18 October 2008 Smedley caught both the grandeur and the bounce of the music, while the Gloria came to a thrilling conclusion.

26 April 2008 Oxford Sinfonia Wind Ensemble Conductor, Guy Woolfenden.  It was a triple pleasure to hear the Oxford Sinfonia Wind Ensemble concert: for the excellence of their performance, for the opportunity to hear little-known works and, not least, for the world premiere of Guy Woolfenden’s Reflections for wind decet.

19 January 2008 This was an ambitious programme for a non-professional orchestra, but it was executed very convincingly indeed. Such intensity pervaded the interpretation

1 September 2007 Conductor lan Brown set a brisk pace, drawing out the players’ maximum potential with some vigorous, decisive and Inspirational conducting, aided and abetted by Mariette Richter’s usual solid and dependable leadership. The final movement came in an explosion of energy and emotion; by this point, Brown was practically dancing on the podium.

16 June 2007 By any standards, the Oxford Sinfornia’s recent concert was a triumph. Soloist, conductor and orchestra gave it everything they’d got to produce a memorable evening of music.

2 February 2007 …What a glorious performance it was. Everybody – performers and audience – seemed in particularly buoyant mood, and there was an almost tangible atmosphere of good-humoured enjoyment.

20 May 2006 Would that some other Oxford orchestras were as imaginative in their programming.

20 January 2006 Oxford Sinfonia opened its new season with a beautifully balanced programme of pieces by Beethoven, Haydn and Strauss, demonstrating once again what a versatile and proficient orchestra this is.

27 September 2003 The many opportunities for soloists in different parts of the orchestra revealed the depth of individual talent within the Sinfonia, particularly from the woodwind.

10 May 2003 Handel’s ever-popular Arrival of the Queen of Sheba was delivered in sparkling style, the difficult arpeggios handled efficiently and with relish.

23 January 2003 The conductor Michael Lloyd had his players eating out of his hand for the Presto of Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony with its brilliant controlled fury.