It is a relief and joy to return to performing after an 18 month hiatus.  We welcome comments from the audience and below are a selection:

Beethoven, Mozart and Brahms: conductor Chloe Rooke, Jun 22

This concert of classic, challenging pieces was enormously enjoyable.   The energy and enthusiasm of the delightful young conductor clearly transmitted itself to the players who played with verve and sparkle.  The two young soloists in the Mozart capped even that – hugely skilled and at the same time warm and welcoming to each other and the audience, so that we all felt included in the brilliance of the piece.  Meanwhile, if we needed extra food for our eyes as well as our ears, the great globe of Gaia by Luke Jerram rotated slowly over the heads of the orchestra, reminding us of the fragility and preciousness of our world.  Cathy


J Bologne, W A Mozart, J C Bach and J Haydn: conductor Maggie Faultless, Jan 22

What a programme!  So interesting to hear three teachers of Mozart and the man himself – the influences on Mozart are clear and I am looking forward to hearing more Bologne and J C Bach.  It was a fabulous concert, the playing was great, so tight and energetic.   Neil

Works of four contemporary composers of the 18th century were presented with great brio.  The last movement of the Haydn ‘Horn Signal’ Symphony featured virtuoso solos from all sections of the orchestra including a remarkable tour de force for the double bass. It was a pleasure to watch Margaret Faultless playing and directing so effortlessly.   James


Mozart and Bach: conductor George Caird, Oct 21

It was such a pleasure to see the Oxford Sinfonia in action again after so long in abeyance.  George Caird knows how to make the music of the 18th century come to life.  The Brandenburg had style and elegance with memorable violino piccolo playing and lovely strong braying horns.  Mozart’s symphony 29, delicious and completely captivating to its sizzling conclusion.  A delight.      Anthony

Oxford Sinfonia are such a joy to conduct.  The wind playing was spectacular and the string sound, particularly in the quiet passages, was sublime.    George Caird


Mozart’s Don Giovanni: conductor Ian Brown, Sep 21

This was the first Oxford Sinfonia concert I’ve attended and it certainly won’t be the last.  What a superb occasion with excellent orchestra and soloists contributing to the varied atmospheres of manipulation, romance and menace within the performance.   Sue H

Wonderful music performed with style and verve!  The orchestra and singers did us proud.  And wonderful to see the Sheldonian (safely) packed again.   Cathy

It was a great concert, so well done everyone.  Wonderful soloists ably accompanied by the orchestra.   Sue C

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