Fixing Letters
Please check with your fixer to see if you are playing.


Contact your fixer 

Violins – Helen McBeath Email
Violas – Sue Hipkiss  Email
Cellos and basses – Judith Haworth  Email
Wind/keyboard/harp etc – Simon Payne 07775 904626 Email
Horns – Richard Todd  01865 452650 Email
Trumpets – Catherine Underwood 01869 325068 Email
Trombones and Tuba – David Taylor 07969 000746 Email
Percussion/Timps – Justin Rhodes 07966 648601 Email
Chairman – Jennifer Hay 07881 803825 Email

St. Ebbe’s School is in White House Road, Oxford.
Turn off Abingdon Road at White House pub and follow the road all the way to the end. There is ample parking.

St. Mary’s is the University Church on the High Street, Oxford. Parking is obviously a nightmare.

Sheldonian Theatre is in Broad Street, Oxford.

Deddington Church : Deddington is situated c.18 miles north of Oxford on the A4260 Oxford-Banbury Road . St Peter & St Paul Church is located just off the north east corner of the Market Place which is itself off to the east of the main road. Parking is not usually a problem. Extra time should be allowed for, if necessary, dropping off instruments etc and seeking a space . The only actual parking restrictions apply on the main A4260.

Concert Dress
normally black/DJs, sometimes black throughout

You can collect music in advance from our librarian, Sue Hipkiss. Call: 01865 873709